Whether you are married, co-habiting or living separately to your partner maintaining a relationship can be challenging. Parental and sibling relationships can also seem difficult to manage at times. Inter-personal and intra-personal issues may arise. For example, differences in personality, personal values or beliefs, and alternate ways of communication may be causing problems.

Other pressures such as work, friends or family can place strain on relationships. Sexual orientations and desires which arise in relationships with opposite, same sex or multiple partners are known to cause tension in relationships.

For example, if someone has an expectation of monogamy receiving news of an affair can be devastating, as can Internet porn use and other sexually compulsive behaviours. Resolving relationship issues can be a painful process as it requires self-reflection and honesty. Relationship therapy can help you understand and come to terms with the problems in your relationship and help you to work towards your own solutions.

At Primary Care Psychotherapy our qualified and professionally accredited psychotherapists are trained to help with issues like:

• Communication problems

• Sexual difficulties

• Crises in relationship

• Conflict

• Infidelity

• Relationship Issues

• Issues with emotional intimacy

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