Nadine Ashe

Adult Psychotherapist & Adolescents over 16


BSc Psychotherapy & Counselling
ASIST course completed

Professional Membership

Fully Accredited member of IACP


I began my Psychotherapy career in 2013 when I completed a Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy. I use an integrative approach when working with each individual client and adopt different approaches from various schools of therapy. I have worked in specialised areas such as Pieta house, which has given me huge insight and understanding when working with clients experiencing suicidal ideation and self-harm. I tailor each session towards the need of the client through each session.

I am currently working with The Rape Crisis Network so I hold good knowledge and experience when working with clients who should present with issues in this area.
I have also worked in addiction and with youth services, therefore I hold a respectable range of skills when working with the client.
My aim is to provide a safe, comfortable space for each client, in order for the client to feel listened to and heard.