Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy
BSc. Counselling and Psychotherapy
Currently undertaking an MSc. In Adolescent Psychotherapy

Professional Membership 

Accreditation with BACP
Accreditation with IACP


Lorraine works in a humanistic and integrative way. Through working through this lense, Lorraine see’s each individual as unique and values the therapeutic relationship as THE most important factor in working together. Lorraine works collaboratively with each client and takes all of their needs into account. In line with her first training, she works in a holistic way, making connections between the mind, body and the spirit. Lorraine believes in facilitating wholeness and valuing the client’s experiences and allowing awareness to emerge and develop.
Lorraine works with adults and adolescents; her collaborative approach helps foster a safe therapeutic space for clients to explore their issues. She has worked extensively with emerging adults (17-27). Her way of working is to help support individuals to fulfill their potential. Lorraine has worked with many issues between adults and adolescents, some of these issues include, sexuality, sexual identity, orientation, suicidal ideation/ attempts, bereavement/ loss and grief, relationship issues/ school refusal.
Lorraine is currently doing an MSc in adolescent psychotherapy. This approach facilitates support and enablement between parents and adolescents. It takes into account many family dynamics whilst valuing developmental stages for the adolescent. Her approach aims to help the adolescent and their family move through the tasks of adolescence with support from their family. It involves a collaborative approach between, adolescent, their parents and Lorraine.