Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions are umbrella terms which cover a range of talking therapies made available for people who are experiencing emotional and psychological distress in their lives. Personal difficulties can take many forms, for example: having problems coping with feelings of depression, or anxiety, feelings of fear and isolation, experiencing a broken relationship, suffering from bereavement or trying to cope with a loss of employment. Sometimes these feelings may give rise to a loss of meaning in life as you may find them difficult to talk about or impossible to explain. For reasons such as these individuals often choose to talk with a professional therapist who is caring, supportive and trained to provide help.

The purpose of therapy is to explore personal difficulties and identify changes that will enhance the client’s ability to cope and advance their wellbeing.

Counselling tends to focus on specific problems and identifying positive changes which will lead to improvements in your life circumstances. Psychotherapy is more long term and is concerned with deeper issues such as restructuring the personality or sense of self, and in developing insights which help to overcome emotional problems and difficulties.

Individual counselling or psychotherapy comprises a one-to-one relationship between the client and the therapist.

The pace of life and our fast-changing world can place many demands on us. Most of the time we can cope with life and its ups and downs, however, there are times when we may feel overwhelmed and exhausted by it all and maybe feel that our strength is being depleted, and that we need help. A professionally trained therapist provides a safe space for individuals to work through their personal difficulties to rebuild their strength and enhance their overall health and wellbeing. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a professionally trained therapist who is not personally involved in your life can be most helpful as they will adopt a neutral position. A clearer understanding of your problems can be developed and new perspectives can be considered which may help you find new solutions.

At Primary Care Psychotherapy our qualified and professionally accredited psychotherapists are trained to help with issues like:

• Addictions & Eating Disorders

• Anxiety, Panic & Stress

• Bereavement, Loss & Separation

• Bullying

• Cancer Recovery Therapy

• Child & Adolescence Therapy

• Clinical Supervision • Depression

• Family Therapy & Support

• Fertility

• Isolation, Despair & Hopelessness

• Relationship Difficulties

• School, College and Career Issues

• Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence Issues

• Sexual Abuse

• Suicide & Deliberate Self-Harming

• Trauma, including Childhood Trauma

• Work Related & Unemployment Issues

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