There are times when adults & children need specialist support if they have  been through stressful and frightening events.

The imprints of complex trauma in adults and children remain embedded as bodily and emotional memory even when the danger has passed. These experiences have a profound effect on the individuals way of being and their patterns within relationships. Trauma therapy aims to help the individual to process the trauma memory is a safe relationship in order to have healthy relationships and feel stable and balanced. At Primary Care Psychotherapy we draw on a range of therapies to work with Complex Trauma, which includes, EMDR; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Biosynthesis Somatic Therapy; Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

Our independent team of Trauma Psychologists & Psychotherapists all come with extensive experience of working sensitively and effectively with individuals who have been traumatised through their life experiences. We draw on a wide range of therapeutic approaches which are evidence based and offered within a trusting, safe and containing therapy relationship.

Our specialist trauma therapists are trained to help with issues like:

  Physical, emotional and sexual abuse


  Domestic violence

  Loss and bereavement

  Self-harming and suicidal thoughts

  Fear of abandonment and rejection


  Anger management

  Feeling overwhelmed by emotions

  Feelings of emptiness

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